Study Guides And Strategies: How To Complete A Term Paper With Flying Colours

You’re looking for ways to polish up your term paper writing? This short study guide will give you the top strategies you need to implement to achieve your goal.

  1. Know and understand what your teacher or professor expects. This sounds so simple yet many students forget this part. It’s essential to know all the requirements for the assignment and then conform to them to get the highest marks possible.
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute to start compiling and writing your paper. Make a plan for the work that will be done on each day so you can pace yourself and avoid being overwhelmed.
  3. Create an outline to follow. Within the outline, incorporate the main ideas of the paper and then fill in the paragraphs with the supporting ideas and examples. Once the outline has been completed, you will have a template to follow when it’s time to begin writing.
  4. Find a quiet and comfortable space to do your writing. This does not include sitting on your bed, because you may get drowsy and lie down to nap instead. Use a table and chair. Make sure you have adequate lighting and keep distractions to a minimum.
  5. During the research phase, take good notes. Make sure they are legible and you reference each section. When you include citations within your term paper you’ll need to quickly locate the original sources.
  6. Revising is good. It helps you take your paper from good to better, so don’t avoid revising.
  7. Put in the effort required to hand in a clean paper, free of grammar errors, spelling mistakes or holes in logic.

Polish your work as much as you can and then get another set of eyes looking at it. Someone else is likely to find mistakes you missed.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Picking a writing spot in the middle of a high traffic area. Your eyes tend to look up each time someone walks past, which kills your writing momentum.
  2. Not doing sufficient reading or research and then trying to write about something you don’t know anything about.
  3. Not knowing the requirements for the essay. Is there a minimum word count? What about margin sizes?
  4. Not meeting the deadline. Penalties can be severe.
  5. Sacrificing your sleep for writing time because you procrastinated or didn’t pace yourself.

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