Writing An Introduction For A Research Paper On The French And Indian War

What is an introduction for a paper? How does it work and why does a research paper need any introduction?

What Is an Introduction?

An intro is a very important part of an academic paper. When you meet a person, you see their face first. When you open a research paper, you read the intro and start understanding what the paper represents. That’s why an intro is so important for such a paper that is dedicated to such a complicated and serious topic as the French and Indian War.

In the intro, you have a chance to represent yourself as a smart professional who sets real goals and reaches real results. It’s a very important detail. Besides that, with the help of a thesis statement, you can impress your readers, keep them interested, and show that your topic is important, worth researching, and very catchy.

How to Compose a Good Intro?

  • Remember that it should be quite small. This piece of text within your work is probably the shortest but the most informative. In fact, you don’t need to render a lot of information in it or discover amazing facts. It will be enough to insert a catchy hook that is able to keep readers interested and say a couple of sentences about the importance of the studied subject.
  • Compose an interesting thesis statement. It’s a vital part of your intro that discovers the main idea, goals, and essence of the research. It’s only a couple of sentences but they mean too much to be ignored.
  • Make sure that in the introductory paragraph, you don’t discover everything about your project. What’s the sense of such a work if you can predict its result from the very beginning? It’s good if you state such goals that match the findings of your work. Yet, you shouldn’t think that everything has gone wrong if you receive an unexpected result. It will show how important your investigation is and how much this area needs additional exploration.
  • If you don’t know what to write or how to write, you should consider searching for a good sample of either a suitable intro or a whole paper. Having a good sample will help you organize this piece of your work properly and format it as due. Besides that, if you manage to find a work that is dedicated to the same topic, to the French and Indian War, you can use a lot from it, up to the reference sources that are used in it.

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