How To Write A Good Marketing Research Paper Executive Summary

Executive summary is quite an important thing to write about as here you have to provide the details about marketing thought processes and all the necessary steps to be taken by you regarding your business deals. It is a kind of a way door way for your business and you have to be quite clear about its approach and the way you overcome it. Like research papers done in academic careers, people from the field of business has to be well aware of all the facts of how to come up a with a good marketing research paper.

Without a proper paper done, business analyst won’t be able to guess the credits and debits of the company in the past year along with the inflow and outflow of cashes and the deals that they have done. You have to write a robust one so that you can have a strong hold on your reader’s mind and they should find your article to be quite attractive.

Things to keep in mind while writing a good business research paper and summary

  • The first thing to be done while writing one of these is to make a title page. This is quiet an important task to be done. Here you have to mention the names of your clients and all the organizations that you have worked with. You should also mention the names of the author along with important information about them.
  • The table of content is like a content page for these kinds of write ups. You have to provide where and which content can’t be found. The things should be given in a proper order and especially the interesting topics shall be focused on.
  • Now the important part comes in play when you have to write an executive summary of the paper. It can be of one or two pages and it should contain all the brief summaries of the valuable topics that you are going to talk about in your project. It should be like a manual to the readers so that useful information can be explained briefly to them. This should be used as a synopsis of the work or as a report for the presentation.
  • The introduction should address all the problems that are going to be discussed but in a brief manner. It should instil a sense of interest amongst the readers to read more without a break.
  • The secondary research will contain the detailed works of all the researches that have been done by you. It might be experimental, observational, qualitative, survey research and you should also provide the data analysis here too.

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