Writing A Research Paper On Historical Figures: 5 Simple Rules

There are millions of important people in history. You could write a million different papers on a million different topics. You need to do these things to first help with the selection process:

  1. Pick a time period
  2. Consider your hobbies and interests
  3. Decide if you want man or woman, king or queen, writer, church member, or farmer
  4. Narrow down what you are intrigued with and what bores you

Here are a few suggestions for finding topics. Once you have the sector from which you want to pick your topic, there will be several places where you can look to further narrow the list. You can look at these places:

  • The reference section of the library
  • Online
  • At historical websites relative to the topic you picked
  • Ask your teacher
  • In the newspaper

There are many ideas to select from for your composition. Consider some of these possible titles once you have narrowed your time period and country.

  • Queen Elizabeth and her lovers
  • World War I-the leaders
  • The Sons of Liberty
  • The Great Wall of China-who built it
  • The granddaughters of Queen Victoria
  • The Robber Barons-pick one and explore him
  • Ford and his assembly line-describe the man
  • The Amazing Mayans-who are they
  • How we came to America-who were the captains of these ships
  • Lenin and his Russia-who is Lenin
  • The Potato Famine-who caused this
  • The Trenches of the Western Front
  • Czars and Czarinas-Peter, Ivan, Alexander, and Nicholas
  • The Nile River-who lived there
  • Cleopatra-was she smarter than her husbands
  • The Kings of England-pick one and explore his life
  • The Sioux Code Talkers-who are they
  • Normandy-discuss the generals of all sides
  • How to Build a Pyramid-who was the mastermind
  • Did Anastasia live-where did she end up
  • Diana-what happened with Charles
  • George Washington-the father of our country
  • Stonewall Jackson-why did he get shot
  • Robert E. Lee-the mastermind of the battlefield
  • US Grant and being a horrible president
  • Harding and the teapot Dome Scandal
  • Who was the mother of our country maybe Dolly Madison

As you can see, much of the work involved in picking your topic has to do with your interests. You must evaluate what you like and then move forward from thee. You must also consider the type of paper you are writing. An argumentative paper will probably require a different topic than an expository style essay.


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