4 Main Rules For Composing An Outline For A Research Paper

Composing the outline for your research paper should be easy, considering that it is only through this that you will be able to write the entire paper in the long run. The outline acts as a guideline for the rest of the paper, and because of this you need to be very attentive and keen when you are writing it. A good outline will most certainly guarantee you a good paper, but a terrible outline will almost guarantee you a fail when you are writing your paper.


You must always have a plan for the paper at all times. In as far as planning is concerned you need to decide on what you want for the topic, how you want the paper to come out eventually, what you want to achieve and so forth. This will help you set the tone not just for the outline, but most importantly for the paper

Choose the topic

Choosing the topic is the most important part of any writing task that you are ever going to do. It does not matter whether the outline of your paper is informative, persuasive, reflective or even for a research based paper, the topic will and must always get the necessary attention. Select a topic that you are sure you can handle properly, one that you are enthusiastic about, a topic that you can work on very easily.

Larger purpose of the paper

What are you trying to achieve with the paper? What is the ultimate aim? Here you should focus on the objectives of your paper. Think about what the main objectives are, and the research questions that you will use for the paper while considering the purpose of the task. This should help you take the next step.


Every good paper must always be supported with some evidence. Of course you will do your research into the paper, in the event that it is research based, or even if it is a case study. In as much as that will happen, you will still need to make sure that you run some good research on the paper to make sure that you have very good supporting evidence to your arguments.

If you can focus on these important 4 points, there is nothing that can stop you from writing a very good outline, and follow through with a good paper.


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