15 Fresh Ideas For Good AP US History Research Paper Topics

This article prompts you towards finding a good research paper topic on US history. To make this as refreshing as possible, a resourceful list of no more than fifteen original or creative ideas is presented for a good AP US History research paper.

Because you are challenged to write an advanced essay in preparation for an entry exam, the list here cannot be exhaustive – by the end of this article you should be able to come up with more ideas – but invites a creative process of applying your own, independent thoughts on neglected areas of your cultural heritage and country’s history. Also, it is ideal to work through a chronological list of ideas that is influenced by tracing history from its earliest origins to the present day.

  • Native American tribes and nations – It is a neglected aspect of American cultural history.
  • Christopher Columbus – Explore the ambitions of one of the earlier travelers and how he embarked on the wrong beach.
  • Spain and the New World – Discuss the vicious trail of blood that was left behind.
  • Queen Elizabeth and Sir Walter Raleigh – Take a romantic approach to two pioneers.
  • The European colonization of America – List the long trail of wars fought over land rights.
  • The native wars – How Native Americans began to lose their grasp on their birthright.
  • The Boston Tea Party – This was no party. It was an unusual revolt in response to draconian laws.
  • Following in the footsteps of the French – American revolutionaries emulated a brutal revolt.
  • Washington and the birth of a nation – It is officially the most important event in American history.
  • The re-birth of Native America – A false sense of hope is given to Native Americans.
  • The slave wars – A new fight for freedom paves the way to another significant milestone.
  • Lincoln and the birth of freedom – This may be a story about America’s greatest leader.
  • The decimation of the natives – The West is won but at great cost to those who went before.
  • The World Wars – Roosevelt, Wilson and America’s role in these two great wars is worth exploring.
  • The re-birth of freedom – Through Kennedy, King and X, freedom came to America and the rest of the world.

Your future college professor will love you and appreciate the application of your own, independent thinking to historic events which have led to controversy and a reassessment of the founding principles of the Constitution and the pursuit of happiness.


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