A List Of The Most Interesting Research Paper Titles On Hamlet

The title of a research paper is the first chance to catch a reader’s attention. A great title will set the right tone or mood for the rest of the work. In writing a research paper for Hamlet you might want to consider any one of the following titles:

  1. Revenge and inaction: The ways in which Hamlet has challenged classic views of each theme throughout history.
  2. The formation of the modern political state: How Hamlet’s political struggles represent the societal problems of Elizabethan England.
  3. A look at oneself in the mirror: How does Hamlet’s inaction a reflection of how he feels about himself as the ruler of his people.
  4. Envisioning the future and acting on self-denial: The roles in which prophecy helped to influence the action in the drama.
  5. An analysis of Hamlet’s relationship to Ophelia and how her death impacted the way in which he dealt with other characters in the play.
  6. Discovering Shakespeare’s unsound mind in Hamlet: Discussing the ways in which Shakespeare painted a portrait of himself in the play.
  7. Contradictory themes and the discovery of the audience as a character: The ways in which Shakespeare invited audience participation in drama.
  8. History of the challenges faced by actors in Elizabethan theatre – the ways in which societal pressures impacted how they performed popular works.
  9. A discussion of the roles of women in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the ways in which they influence the action that occurs in the play.
  10. A character comparison of Hamlet’s biggest foils – Understanding Horatio, Claudius, Fortinbras and Laertes. The ways in which each one impacted the way Hamlet carried out his plot of revenge.
  11. Tactician and politician: How do Hamlet’s actions reflect the ways in which Shakespeare thought about contemporary politics in Elizabethan England?
  12. Rethinking Gertrude – A critical analysis of the relationship between Gertrude and Hamlet and the ways in which she helps determine his quest for revenge.
  13. A critical comparison of Hamlet and Horatio – the major differences between the two and how it affects how other characters view them in the play.
  14. A portrayal of Hamlet through the centuries. How different eras have given audiences a different shade of Hamlet’s identity.
  15. An analysis of the references Shakespeare made in Hamlet regarding the Elizabethan theatre – The reasons why contemporary theater was so important to society.

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