List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics On Women's Rights

Women’s rights is a vital area of law that has had much attention, but will likely get even more in the future. Sadly, there are still many places where women are not considered to even have rights. If this problem is to be solved, a lot more work will need to be done in the field. If you need to write a research paper about women’s rights, we have a list of interesting topics on the subject.

  1. Education
  2. There are still cultures where women are not provided with an education, while men are. How can these cultural beliefs be changed so that women have equal access to education?

  3. Clothing
  4. In some countries women are still not allowed to wear whatever they want to. Often, women are targeted in public attacks for wearing clothes that men deem to be too revealing. How can these attitudes about a woman’s right to wear any clothing she wants be dealt with?

  5. Remuneration
  6. Even in many first world countries, women are paid less than men for doing the same job. How can this culture of value be changed?

  7. Forced arranged marriage
  8. Many cultures still practice arranged marriages, where a young man and woman are chosen to marry each other by their families. In some cases, the young couple has no choice in the matter. How can forced arranged marriages be prevented?

  9. Abortion
  10. One very tricky issue in women’s rights is whether women should be able to choose to abort a fetus without the consent of the father. Should a woman be required to get the father’s consent?

  11. Female circumcision
  12. Horrifically, female circumcision is not uncommon. It is a barbaric practice that endangers the lives of young girls. What can be done to eliminate female circumcision entirely?

  13. Property ownership
  14. While in some cultures women have been allowed to own property for centuries, there are still cultures that do not allow women to own property. How can this practice be changed?

  15. Human trafficking
  16. Terrifyingly, thousands of women are trafficked every year to be sold into different types of slavery. What can be done to eliminate this scourge?

  17. Voting
  18. Another right which women are denied in some places is the right to vote. How can women everywhere be given the right to vote?

Hopefully, this list of interesting topics will help you choose the right one for your research paper. And perhaps your research paper will actually go on to make a difference to women who are not afforded their rights.


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