Helpful Hints For Writing A Research Paper On Death Of A Salesman

Death of a salesman was first written as a short story, and Arthur Miller only by accident rewrote the whole thing as a play. It premiered on Broadway only to become an instant hit. Miller was awarded with a Pulitzer Prize for this play, and this may be one of his most intriguing and well known works. It is a common homework material for all literature or art students. Because it is a complex play, here are some helpful hints how to write a research paper on Death of a salesman.

  • Remember, the key word of the play is “ambition”
  • Ambition is the biggest theme of the “Death of a salesman play”. When you are writing an essay about it, just start from there. Think about your ambition, or the time when you felt like you wanted something so bad that you were at the verge of doing just about anything to get it. If you remember that time, if you relive that moment, you will easily understand the whole concept of this play and writing about it will be easy for you. Think about how ambition feed you, but also makes you feel trapped. You can even start an essay with your own experience on the subject.

  • The death of American dream
  • The second big theme in Millers play is how the main character fails and gets abandoned by his own dream. Think again about a moment in time when you also wanted and worked hard for something that at the end didn’t work out. You can understand the difficulties and the struggles of the main character more if you find an example form your own life or someone that is close to you.

  • Ask some serious questions before you start writing
  • The main character of this story dies at the end. It is important to think about him as a character and about his life path. Ask all kinds of question. Imagine as if you are asking him why he acted as he did, and then try to answer in his behalf. The salesmen, as the title suggests, dies at the end. Ask also the entire question that you thing his loved ones and friends would ask him.

At the end, in order to write a really good essay you should discuss the matter with your friends or other students. They can give some perspective, or give you interesting pointers that can help you out with writing your work.


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