How To Make References In A Sociology Research Paper Correctly

One of the most popular formatting styles of sociology papers is the ASA or American Sociological Association style guide. The main purpose of writing your paper in this style is to prepare it for publication in ASA journals. Here is some specific information about how to format your paper in the correct way so that you don’t lose points for formatting your research paper in the wrong format.

  1. All of the text including the references and footnotes must be double spaced. It should be in a 12 point font as well.
  2. All of the margins should be at least one inches on all four sides.
  3. You will need to include a title page that lists your name, a word count, and a title footnote that includes the names, addresses, acknowledgments, grants, and credits.
  4. Include an abstract that is around two hundred word abstract with the title. This should be on a page by itself right before the text.
  5. The text should be on a separate page and should start with the title of the paper.
  6. The bibliographic information will also need to be on its own page separate from the text.
  7. There are some very specific information that needs to be presented in the citations which are the last name of the author or authors and the year of publication. You will also include the page number where you find any direct quotes. There are a few ways to include the information in the text and you will need to determine the best ways to present it.
  8. You may need to use footnotes in your paper but it should be avoided. It can be used to cite information that has limited availability or the help you add information to a table that you present to help prove your points. Use consecutive superscript Arabic numerals and include at the bottom of the paper or in its own section labeled “endnotes”.
  9. The reference section should include all text that is cited and should be double spaced. The references should be listed in alphabetical order. You may need to obtain a guide book for your references because there are no general formatting rules to apply. Plus, most resource libraries will cite the sources for you so you will only need to know how to present the in-text citations.

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