12 Fresh Topics For A Research Paper In International Law

As every law student knows, international law is a broad subject that covers all sorts of issues in the relationships between different nations. It can thus be difficult to choose a topic for a research paper in international law, and it’s even harder to find one that is fresh and original. You may need a few suggestions to help you get on the right track for your project.

12 Fresh Topics in International Law

  • The Exploration and Use of Outer Space
  • With space programs around the world discovering more about the universe at an unprecedented rate, there are few topics hotter than how international law applies to the exploration of outer space and its uses.

  • The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Intellectual property rights are often hotly contested, and the legal debates heat up even more when they need to be protected in different territories.

  • Trade in Endangered Species
  • The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species has its own fair share of issues, and a closer look at related problems is always compelling.

  • The Human Rights Violations of Multinational Corporations
  • Increasing attention is being paid to how multinational corporations run their facilities in different countries, and how they should be held accountable for the violations of human rights that are being committed therein.

  • The Rights of Refugees
  • With the current refugee crisis in Europe, the subject of their rights and protections under the international law is a timely one.

  • Free Speech Online
  • National laws on censorship vary widely, but legal issues get more interesting when restrictions are laid on material from different states that is shared online.

  • Territorial Disputes Between Countries
  • The application of international law is seldom more recognizable than when it comes to territorial disputes between countries.

  • The Right to Privacy
  • Remote sensing using satellites and another technology have made the right to privacy a more pressing issue than ever, especially when individuals or associations from different countries are involved.

  • Racial Discrimination
  • Racial discrimination is a thorny topic, but it’s extremely timely and very interesting when examined through the lens of international law.

  • The Drug Trade
  • Given the pervasiveness of the problem, updates to how the international law deals with the drug trade are always relevant.

  • Violations Resulting from the War on Terrorism
  • The consequences of the war on terrorism are still being explored, and an understanding of the violations to international law committed during action against radical groups is essential.

  • International Waste Disposal
  • Waste often goes from countries with strict environmental laws to foreign territories where regulations are laxer, and it’s worth taking a look at how this is dealt with under the international law.

When you choose a topic for your research paper, it is best to settle on a subject that interests you personally as this will make the work much easier. And don’t be intimidated if you don’t know much about an interesting topic to begin with. After all, learning about new legal issues is one of the main reasons why you’re writing a paper!


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