A Selection Of Solid British Literature Term Paper Topics

British literature is a wide and varied field, spanning over a thousand years of time. It began with the ancient epic Beowulf, and continues into modern times. There’s a huge abundance of material to work with and write about, so you can choose a topic that genuinely interests you. There are many literary periods and styles across the history of British prose, poetry, and drama

Here’s a list of solid British literature topics that you might want to consider for your English paper:

  • Compare and contrast two contemporaneous literary movements.
  • Discuss how the Romantic movement was a reaction to Classicism.
  • Choose two writers and contrast their portrayal of women in their work.
  • Choose a work, and discuss the role of contemporary religion in its content and themes.
  • Discuss Modernism as a reaction to the alienation felt in the wake of World War I.
  • Compare and contrast the nature of villainy between two authors of your choice.
  • Discuss the portrayal of the aristocracy or the rich during a certain time period in British literature.
  • Discuss and compare different poetic forms, like sonnets and modern poetry.
  • Choose an author, and discuss a consistent theme or motif that manifests itself throughout their work.
  • Discuss medieval folk ballads and how they express the mores and lifestyles of contemporary peasants.
  • Discuss the historical and cultural context of the King Arthur legends.
  • Discuss the fascination of Romantic authors with medieval and Celtic lore.
  • Discuss a writer who has been largely excluded from the Western literary canon.
  • Discuss how the critical reception of a particular author has changed over time.
  • Discuss the portrayal of human sexuality in Victorian literature.
  • Discuss the impact of the Enlightenment on the evolution and development of British literature.
  • Compare and contrast the world of John Keats and Alfred Lord Tennyson.
  • Compare and contrast the work of Samuel Coleridge and William Wordsworth, who were contemporaries and also friends with one another.
  • Discuss the use of allegory in Edmund Spenser's The Fairy Queen.
  • Discuss the influence of Greek and Latin mythology and literature on later British writers.
  • Discuss the advent and evolution of the novel as a major literary medium.
  • Discuss the history and development of British fantasy or science fiction.

These are just a few solid British Literature topics that can provide content for a great, original essay. Choose authors, topics, or time periods that you like the most, and critically examine their work to explore themes, cultural influence, and literary styles.


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