What Is A Good Narrow Topic For A Research Paper: 20 Unique Ideas

Many students want to make their essays the best as possible and as short as possible. If you can create a short page that is still complex and engaging, then you saved a lot of effort and time. However, a narrow topic does not mean a simple one; there are plenty of subjects that are really difficult to analyze, but they can be summarized in a few paragraphs. Do not neglect the quality of your content and do not provide information without verifying them. These ideas are worth considering for your research paper:

  1. The exploitation of oil fields. This is an excellent business, but it is proved to be dangerous for the long term.
  2. Social anxiety. There are so many young people who are considered extremely shy, when they are actually suffering from social anxiety. Describe the symptoms.
  3. Terrorism. In the last years, we noticed how the terrorist attacks increased. What are the causes?
  4. Global warming. Explain the phenomenon and a few solutions that we can apply to slow down the process.
  5. Pornography. Some people say that it should be illegal while others think that it is like any other form of art. Express your thoughts.
  6. Alternative energy. There are many instruments that we can use to produce energy, but we still continue to use the standard methods that are polluting the planet.
  7. Weight loss for teenagers. Many young girls go for extreme dieting because they want to lose weight too fast to fit in the beauty standards.
  8. Organ donation. Should the family have the right to give the consent, or this should be taken previously from the patient?
  9. Smoking in public. Some voices say that by not allowing people to smoke in public, the government is taking away personal freedom.
  10. Fast food. The consumption of fast food became enormous in the last years, and more and more children eat only processed food instead of cooked meals.
  11. Homework. Is it really useful? Some professors prefer to work with the pupils more during their school time, and give them less homework.
  12. Discuss birth control. How this works and how can we inform more and more teenagers about how important this is?
  13. Sex offenders. In many countries, they are released from the jail after they served their sentence, but many people seem to think that they should be locked up forever.
  14. Vaccines. Should parents have the right to not vaccinate their children? Doctors think that this is against the patient’s interest, so the opinion of the parents should not matter.
  15. Homeschooling. Is it more efficient than traditional schooling? Why?
  16. Fur and leather clothing. The exploitation of animals for clothing and make-up is considered a crime by some animal lovers. What do you think?
  17. Overpopulation. Are we really too many people for our planet? Should we start to control the number of children that are being born?
  18. Globalization. Present the major advantages and disadvantages.
  19. Same-sex marriage. It became apparent in the last years that it is entirely normal for homosexuals to get married, but how the situation was a few years back?
  20. Drunk driving. In some countries, people who are driving and drinking lose the right to drive for the rest of their life.

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