The Best 6th Grade Research Paper Topics On American Traditions

Learning about the traditions by which America was developed on is a great way for anyone to learn about their history. Knowing your history makes you identify what makes you an individual while impressing the traditions that make us part of the community that makes America unique. There are few ways that can define America like knowing and identifying with traditions. Whether they are brought over from another country or originated in America, each tradition has its own story. Some of the American Traditions that would make great research topics would be:

  • The Fourth of July – How and why we use fireworks to celebrate it. Where did the tradition of fireworks start? What makes the Fourth of July strictly an American Tradition?
  • The Tradition of Greeting cards. Where did the tradition of greeting cards come from? What holiday were they created for? Is this an American Tradition or was it brought over from another country?
  • American traditions and the standard. Identify what makes a tradition. Clarify how one gets started and what makes it American versus what makes it regional. Are there any that started off as regional or family and spread from there.
  • How does the family as a unit pass them on and affect the acceptability as it stands?
  • How are traditions changed as they are passed down through the generations?
  • Does technology affect how they are spread and understood?

Knowing the basics of how they are formed and where they came from will make it easier to identify new traditions as they arise. This knowledge can drive us to create a better future as we adapt them to our lives and teach them to children. The average 6th grader can take these topics and show how they affect them as they were growing or how they will affect them in the future. The only limit to adjusting the topics is the level at which the child can reason and understand. This is the basis for bringing in original ideas and understanding.

You should never feel discouraged or overwhelmed as you learn. Take the time to see which ones you identify with and how the absence of them can make your life feel like there is something missing. Once you have the basic understanding of these facts, you can easily write a research paper that will grab your audience.


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