How To Come Up With An Interesting Topic For A Term Paper?

When you’re taking a college course or an advanced high school class, you might wonder how to come up with an interesting topic for a term paper. This actually isn’t as hard as it might sound. You usually have quite a bit of freedom concerning what you want to write about. After all, your teacher or professor doesn’t want to read the same exact paper one hundred times. When you’re brainstorming for term paper topic ideas for a class, look to what interests you among the material that your class has covered. This can provide a great starting point for coming up with a solid term paper topic.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Look back at the material the course has covered. Most classes cover a lot of material, which gives you a lot to work with. For example, if you’re taking a course in Ancient World History, there are topics available across a wide span of time. You can choose from subjects ranging from the advent of farming in the Near East around 8,000 BC, to the fall of the Roman Empire. That’s a lot of material to choose from.
  • Look to areas and subdivisions of the subject that genuinely interest you. Are you fascinated by medieval history, or are you more interested in the history of the arts? Are you interested in cultural anthropology that was discussed in your Anthropology 101 course, or are Neanderthal bones more your thing? Introductory courses can be especially fertile ground for coming up with interesting, original term paper topics.
  • Look at the news about recent research in the subject. This can give you quite a bit of information that could lead to an extraordinary term paper idea. There’s always fascinating research ongoing in history and the social sciences, giving you a lot of ideas to work with.
  • Make sure to pick a topic that’s neither too broad, nor too narrow. A topic that’s too broad doesn’t lend itself well to a 2,000-5,000 word term paper. However, if your topic is too narrow, you might not be able to find enough information to write your paper. It’s best to find a middle ground that’s narrow enough to cover in a few thousand words, but broad enough that you can find plenty of relevant information to support your claims.

There are just a few ideas for how to come up with an interesting topic for a term paper. The most important thing is to find a topic that’s both apppropriate for this kind of paper, and genuinely interesting for you.


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