Composing A Quality Research Paper About Drug Trafficking

A research paper is written on events, which are to be explored, and every little detail of the topic is to be mentioned. In higher standards or at college level students are generally asked to write a research paper on the topic of their choice.

Following steps are to be followed to write a paper:

Selection of topic

Selecting a suitable topic is the first step. While selecting a topic this thing must be kept in mind that the topic is of your interest. If you don’t find the topic interesting you wont be able to write well on the topic.

Getting advise

Before writing on any topic it is essential to get an advise from an experienced person. They will be able to guide you that whether spending time on the given topic is worthwhile or not.


After selecting your topic you have to research on it. Researching is not easy. For writing an impeccable paper you have to explore every source you get. No stone should be left unturned.


Before writing it is necessary to make an outline about what you are going to write. It is essential to clear your head about the points you are going to include in your work.


After researching and outlining and before making the final draft it is important to organize your thoughts. Before writing the final draft it should be clear in your head that what all you want to include in which paragraph.

Fairing out the work

After doing the above you are ready to write your paper. Now you can write all that you have planned. The fair draft is the overall work combination of all the above steps.

Conclusion/ bibliography

A suitable conclusion is made to the topic. All the points included in the whole paper are written in short. All the sources that were used during writing are also mentioned.


In this stage you are supposed to re-read your fair draft. All the mistakes made and all the grammatical errors are supposed to be corrected. Before submitting the paper it is very important to go through this step.

Hence, after following all the above steps your work is ready to be submitted. It is very important to conduct a study on a wide aspect, as this is something very important. You are expected to write it perfectly.


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