Great Methods To Write A Strong Research Paper About Juvenile Delinquency

Try out some of these really great methods to enable you to write a really strong research paper on juvenile delinquency.

Getting some good ideas.

At the top of the list is getting some good ideas that will help you to do some in depth research that is both relevant and based on sound knowledge.

Focus on the ethical considerations as to why it is difficult to deal with juveniles who commit crimes in comparison to adults? You should also bear in mind the severity of crimes that are committed by young people, which currently involve rape, drug abuse and murder.

Solid Gold Research:

  • Make sure that what ever your topic, theory or study, that it is based on sound research and not heresy. If you are not sure then you need to talk over your ideas with your tutor .
  • To help your planning, use a planning diary. Add to the diary all of your thoughts and search plans as not only will this help your to focus on the area that you have chosen, but it will also save you time later when you are writing up your work.
  • Keep to the plan you have negotiated with you tutor. Once you start on you Literature review you will be able to determine what interests you most as a researcher.

Relate to Social Circumstances:

  • Nature/Nurture: Look at the aspects such as peer influence; parental guidance and socio-economic background can play a part in delinquent behaviour. Weigh this up against incidence of incorrigible behaviours of children who have been raised in more affluent families. Lack of discipline and'/or lack of mentoring may also be a factor.
  • Consider the way that young people of today are exposed to violence and drug cultures through the news, TV programs and technologies such as online gaming. In what way does this overexposure cause a less than empathic attitude to others.
  • Cultures. Children and young adults tend to easily take on board new ideas an cultures, and for some they embark on new ways of life completely mostly due to their new perceptions.
  • Young people of today are under more stress than their parents and grandparents. This stress gives way to anxieties, depression, and the inability to cope with day to day living. The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services are working beyond capacity (with an ever depleting budget) to cope with this.

Offer a way forward:

  • Can the laws on drugs, alcohol and knives be changed in order that more stringent laws can significantly improve behaviours.
  • Can programmes be devised that will enable parents and society in general to identify inappropriate behaviours.
  • Can counselling help?

If you are stuck then you could choose to work with a professional writing service that could use your ideas and views to produce a solid research paper.


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