Where To Get A Psychology Research Paper Appendix Example

While preparing research papers, you may adduce to tables, footnotes; personal biography sketches; clinical evaluations; long quotes. All these may not be included semantically within the confines of the actual research (notably Methodology and Analysis). These are then presented on the appendix page.

The importance of appendix

The appendix page holds its own importance; especially when dealing with psychology. You may have to cater to various patients or subjects and sketch their interests. You may have to produce various tables based on the tests you do. You may also have to mention the doctors present in a relevant seminar.

Way of creation

There is way to create these appendices. For detailed information on the same, you should resort to creditable and genuine resources; not the first thing you get in hand. Here are areas you need to check –

  • APA format sites – You can check eminent samples on the APA format sites. You will get creative and exact appendices and more so, you will also get the correct method to etch your own appendix. This will make sure that you don’t go wrong with your research footnote.
  • University archives – The University you are affiliated to is sure to have a compendium of samples up its sleeve. Check the archive section for samples and then rummage through the fine lines. You will come across an appendix every other sample.
  • Digital libraries – Move over physical libraries, you will get accredited digital libraries online. You can get into relevant categories which cater to Psychology research papers. Go through the samples for an appendix reference. Yes, you may have to register into the library for this, but this is all for a bigger cause.
  • Past students’ samples – You can approach past Psychology students to get a grip on how research paper appendices are created. They will give you the exact details on how many appendices you should create after going through your work. You should make sure you pay enough attention to what they say.
  • Your instructor – Your instructor can always guide you on the creation of appendix and how many you actually require for your work. There is every chance he himself has enough samples with him to help you with first-hand information. Regular conversation with instructor is anyway a practice that should be exercised.

Remember that while appendix in the human body is deprived of any function, the research appendix defines its core and mode and lends it a professional edge.


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