Simple Instructions On How To Write An Ethnographic Research Paper

Ethnographic research papers concentrate on studying people of a particular group and culture. Once your study is completed, you should present it clearly in your academic paper. While some people have good skills for conducting their study, they may not be able to structure their papers properly. Below, you may read a few tips that will help you compose a great ethnographic paper.

Writing Your Ethnographic Research Paper

  1. Create an introduction.
  2. The main goal of the opening chapter is to inform the reader about questions that you’re going to answer in the following chapters. However, you should also provide a brief description of your topic and get the reader familiarized with the key terms so that they understand the contents of your paper clearly.

  3. Describe your methodology.
  4. Conducting an ethnographic study, you’re likely to carry out plenty of interviews with different people. You should write in detail about these interviews, their participants, and questions that you’ve asked. The reader should know exactly how you’ve come up with results presented in the following chapter.

  5. Report your findings.
  6. After you’ve explained how you study had been carried out, it’s time to let the reader know about its outcomes. First, you should give the raw figures without much discussion. Then, you should analyze these results and interpret them to the reader so that they can understand their value.

  7. Make a conclusion.
  8. Summarize your research and write about its strengths and weaknesses. Tell whether your findings have met your expectations. Propose one or several ways for other students to continue your ethnographic study in their own academic works.

  9. Revise your text.
  10. You should look through each page of your paper and check it for mistakes. Make sure that there are no grammar errors, typos, awkward phrasing, and incorrect references. Some students prefer to give their papers to editors to achieve the best results.

  11. Format your document.
  12. It’s likely that your teacher has informed you about a particular style that your paper should be formatted in. Make sure to follow all the rules of this style formatting your document. Otherwise, your teacher won’t accept your academic work.

Using Professional Help to Get an Excellent Grade

Your writing skills might not be enough to create an academic paper that will earn you the highest score. To succeed, you may hire a professional and experienced writer to compose your ethnographic project. The main thing is to make a very detailed order so that your writer knows exactly in what direction to go.


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