8 Steps To Creating A Research Paper On The Purpose Of Life

One of the major types of papers that you may be asked to write is a research paper. The idea behind this paper is to do some research on a topic and then present the information to your audience in a concise paper that hits on a key theme relating to it. When you are writing a paper on the purpose of life, you will need to do some research and then decide what the purpose of life is. Your supporting evidence will take up the majority of the paper to explain which will be presenting the reasons why that is the purpose of life.

For example, if you believe that they main purpose of life is to raise children of your own, you would want to come up with at least three reasons why this is the truth and then write your paper on that topic. Here are eight helpful steps that will need to know to create a research paper on the purpose of life

  1. Preliminary research
  2. You will need to do some preliminary research so that you can start to narrow down a topic to write your paper on. Start with a general topic and start to narrow it down until you find a sub topic that you find interesting.

  3. Choose a topic
  4. Now that you have a subtopic, you will need to narrow down on a specific topic to write your research paper on. You can possibly find one aspect of a subtopic to write your paper on. Sometimes that sub topic will be small enough to write it on.

  5. Create a thesis
  6. Your thesis is the main point that your paper is trying to prove. You will make a point and include the reasons behind why you believe the statement. This will be the entire focus of the piece.

  7. Develop your outline
  8. An outline should be developed next to point out the main points that you will want to make.

  9. Add transitions
  10. Create transitions that link one topic to the next. You can use these at the end or the beginning of your paragraphs.

  11. Create a rough draft
  12. Beef up that outline by explaining your main points until it is your rough draft.

  13. Add direct quotes
  14. Find direct quotes from credible sources that will help prove the points that you are trying to make.

  15. Edit your rough draft
  16. Identify and correct any errors that you may find in your paper.


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