Creating An Excellent Research Paper For 6th Grade Students

Creating an excellent research paper for sixth-grade students is not as challenging as you might think so long as you include the correct components.

Even in sixth grade you might face the research paper as one of your writing assignments. This type of work is one more scientifically driven, one which is designed to help you create a series, locate supporting evidence for that theory, and present your findings. No matter how extensive your assignment may be the requirements will often be the same across the board.

  • The first thing you need to include is your introduction. This is where you state the research question or the research problem that you are going to solve or answer. This is exactly the same as the thesis statement that you would write for any other type of assignment. In the introductory paragraph you want to explain to your reader what information they will find in the rest of your assignment. You want to tell them what you are researching and why. You want to explain to them why what you're doing is important and what evidence you are going to present to them in support of the work you're doing.
  • After this is the background. This is where you tell the reader what background information they need in order to understand your work. If you are researching different ways to discipline a child you need to provide the reader with some background on the different theories that exist.
  • During this part of your writing you have to make sure that you use good resources or references to support every claim that you make. If you say that students who are rewarded positively for good behavior learning better grades in school then you need to have evidence to support that. It is important that you present both sides to any discussion or argument or, all sides if there are more than two. This will help to add credibility to your work.

You also want to explain to the reader how you did your research which is generally something as simple as going to the library, looking up books with the help of the librarian, and reading those which included words like child rearing. Once this is done you want to discuss why your work was important and conclude the whole of your assignment. At the end you want to include all citations for your work.


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