How To Write An Outline For A Research Paper On Titanic

Composing an outstanding research paper on Titanic can be quite challenging. Students need to be well versed with the essential writing skills in order to achieve their goals. Coming up with an appropriate outline is one of the key prerequisites. It should entail the following features.

  • The title
  • Your title should fundamentally be brief and precise. It should focus on the subject matter of study and should therefore be able to tell the reader what the rest of the content is all about. You need to be original in your choice of words so that you do not ultimately end up with an obvious topic.

  • Table of contents
  • This should contain the key headings and subheadings foregrounded in your work. It makes it easy for the reader to access various specific information in your paper without having to spend too much time. Be certain to make correct matching.

  • Methodology
  • In this part, the writer states the different study methods and techniques applied in the course of the survey. Different methods are employed in getting different types of data. For instance, counting can be used to find numerical results while observation can be used to study different features of a certain phenomenon.

  • Give your findings
  • With regards to the method employed in the previous section, you should pen down your results in a lucid and simple way where everyone included in your audience can easily apprehend. You can present them in various methods such as pie charts, graphical representation, in prose form and in form of pictorials. Your findings are core as they are employed in backing up your postulates to prove them true.

  • Discussion
  • After the results are presented, they should be discussed. A competent writer will try to link them up to the different smaller objectives in effort to responding to the question asked. If your exploration was broad enough, then you will be able to respond to all the emerging prompts with ease.

  • Conclude the text
  • This is a single final paragraph where the evidence are restated in a summarized form. Various recommendations can as well be jotted down in this section with respect to the topic. Do not inaugurate any new ideas which were not initially looked on.

  • Cite your sources
  • As an effective writer, you should cite your sources from which research was made. These can be books, various journals and websites. Nonetheless, germaneness must be cohered to. Adhere to the correct format for drafting citations.


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