Choosing Good Research Paper Topics About Windows 7: Ten Examples

A helpful guide for writing research papers on the critically acclaimed Windows 7

Windows Vista was a mistake. Microsoft itself has said that time and again. But boy did they make amends for their mistake. At the time of its introduction, Windows 7 became a hit, and broke all previous records held my Microsoft operating system products. Users loved, critics loved, developers loved, and Microsoft loved it because everyone else loved. Microsoft had finally been forgiven for Windows Vista.

Its critical acclaim, technological and overall success can be attributed to the incredible amount of blood and money that Microsoft had put in for the development of Windows 7. It makes for, therefore, an interesting topic for the development of a research paper.

We have compiled a short list of few topics that may be used to base a research paper on. We hope it is of some help.

  1. Windows Vista: Oh, what a mistake. A brief history of what went wrong, and how it laid foundation of a strong product in Windows 7.
  2. An investigation of the new features that were added to Windows 7: From Shell to User Interface to Home Group to Security to File System, a good overall product.
  3. An investigation of the old features removed from Windows 7: How removing the Windows explorer and changing the API of the taskbar were smart decisions taken by Microsoft.
  4. The impact of the leaks of Windows 7 Beta version on the stock price of Microsoft: Was it a strategic action taken by Microsoft to give the investors a taste of the better things yet to come?
  5. The team behind the curtain: The stories of the 1000 men and women who created Microsoft’s cherished marvel in the form of Windows 7.
  6. A comparative analysis of Microsoft’s Windows NT series products: The best and the worst products introduced by Microsoft, and their impact on the industry paradigm.
  7. A brief story about Windows Live: Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Mail do not live to die hard, or die hard with a vengeance, or on a good day.
  8. The boot history of Windows 7: The developer’s skills behind making the boot time of Windows 7 excellent.
  9. A comparative analysis of the various Windows 7 editions: The products you get for different prices.
  10. A study of issues faced by Windows 7 after its final release: The user’s experience and the grounds for future improvement in Microsoft products.

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