8 Hints To Help You Complete Your Research Paper On Black Hole Attack

Black holes may be one of the most fascinating astronomical events, ever proposed by a human and even today, they remain shrouded in mystery. This is not to say we know nothing about the, far from it, we have conducted research on many suspected black holes and have even observed possible interactions between black holes and other objects.

The possibility of a black hole attack is low, however, it is not zero and this makes for very interesting science fiction speculations. While black holes may inspire fascination in many people from the science fiction world, it is real enough to make it necessary for researchers to seriously consider the possibility. The following is a list of 8 hints to help you complete a research paper on a black hole attack.

  1. What are black holes
  2. Define a black hole as far as you and science understands it, with the information we have available today. This will give your readers a better understanding of the topic and any terms you may use in your paper.

  3. Does the black hole have to come near us to attack?
  4. Show how the features of a black hole make it likely to attack us in the event one ventures near enough. Describe the situation necessary to be considered an attack by a black hole.

  5. What will be the first warning signs of an attack?
  6. How will humanity first learn of an attack by a black hole? Do we have any measure presently in place to detect such an event?

  7. Are we prepared for such an event?
  8. How will the great nations respond to this pending calamity, should an attack by a black hole become imminent?

  9. What are our best defenses against a black hole attack?
  10. From an ideal perspective, what would we be required to do to survive a full scale attack by a black hole?

  11. Can we survive a black hole attack?
  12. What are our chances of survival in the possible scenarios that could be brought by a black hole attack?

  13. What are the chances that we will be faced with a black hole attack?
  14. Given the size of our universe and the frequency of black holes in spaces, what are the chances that we will, one day, have to deal with such an event?

  15. What are our worst case scenario options?
  16. In the worst case scenario, will we have any options other than to simply watch it happen?


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